Storia-Map Studio

An Inspiration to guide our life using yoga-therapy, visualization & self-coaching

About the Studio

The Storia-Map Studio is the fruit of my personal journey to heal my eldest son, Arieldavid, who was born with a life-threatening chronic illness nearly 20 years ago. My personal experiences and the knowledge I acquired together with the professional qualifications I gained over the years led me to understand that every person can use the tools I acquired and developed to fulfill their dreams, enjoy the journey, and do this from an inner place of balance, health and happiness. As I progressed in my life’s journey, I realized that passing on this knowledge to people became the goal of my life in the pursuit of supporting the development of people so that they live a happy, balanced life full of fulfillment and meaning.

The Studio was founded in 2008 and since then the method has been perfected thanks to in-depth research work, rich therapeutic experience of thousands of hours with adults, teenagers and children and collaborations with leading experts from Israel and around the world in the fields of yoga, yoga-therapy, coaching, visualization, and more.

The Studio offers a variety of workshops and trainings; including 1:1 sessions, workshops conducted in small groups, and courses to become a certified Storia-Map & yoga-therapy instructors.

Location: Storia-Map Studio is located near by the peaceful Carmel Forest in Haifa, northern Israel.

About Storia-Map Method

Storia-Map Method: It’s in our nature
Using Storia-Map method taps-into-our-child-like-curiosity about ourselves and the world around us and helps us to embark on a journey of discovery how to navigate our life and achieve our goals and dreams.
Enjoy Storia-Map Navigating
With Storia-map we learn to enjoy a journey of self-discovery and to create the reality we want by navigating between our inner world and the outer world using yoga-therapy, visualization & self-coaching in a holistic, creative and fun way.
Three Easy Storia-Map Steps
In three steps: 1. Purification 2. Strengthening 3. Creation, Storia-Map enables in an easy way to be aware of where I am today, where I want to go tomorrow, and what do I need to do to get there.
Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit tools
The integrated use of yoga-therapy, visualization and self-coaching brings body-mind-spirit equilibrium releasing pain and trauma and teaching us to manage stress and build energy for creating the life that we want using practical steps.
Storia-Map Creation Cards
Storia-Map creation cards were developed by Yamina and the Italian artist Massimo Pedrazzi to help us in a peaceful state-of-mind visualize our goal, direct our thoughts and emotions, and choose the practical steps to realize it.


Storia-Map is a holistic method designed to connect us to our inner power so we can create the life we aspire to.

Practicing Storia-Map allows:

How do we work with Storia-Map in our daily life?

The physical and mental strength we gain through daily practice of yoga, yoga therapy, visualization and self-coaching empowers us in the following process:

The unique combination of Storia-Map tools allows us to move forward beyond our current circumstances towards the creation of the life we dream of with the Storia-Map method giving us both hope and actual results.

You owe this moment to yourself

Give yourself a moment to relax

Find a minute to connect with your body and light up your soul

From Yoga to Visualization

How can the tools assist us in achieving our goals?

Do you have a dream to fulfill or a goal to achieve but you have no idea how to do it?

Storia-Map can come to your aid by teaching how to balance and maintain harmony with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Thanks to this, we can purify darkness and destructive thought & emotion patterns, connect to the light and power within us, create energy, and realize what meaningful goals we have and what are the consistent steps towards them.


Yoga purifies and strengthens the PRANA, which is the life energy that exists in us and around us, through breathing exercises, focus and relaxation practices. Yoga balances and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which allows optimal health. Physical and mental strength is built through yoga body postures, so that we have energy to perform actions. The ancient philosophy of yoga is a universal system providing the foundation for a balanced and happy life.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy teaches how to come back home to our natural state of equilibrium.  It creates an inner space that enables introspection and a path for optimizing the wellbeing of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of our existence. Yoga therapy enables a deep healing process, sometimes even without words. It teaches us to understand how the body stores memories and trauma and to recognize harmful effects. It teaches us how to relax, let go of pain and trauma and embrace an unconditional state of happiness, one that is not regulated by external circumstances: Nishkama Karma, in Sanskrit , which means a selfless or desireless action, performed without any expectation of fruits or results, connecting us with our infinite side.


If we want to achieve anything in life, we first want to explore & consider our belief in ourselves and our abilities. We would also want to become aware of our fears, doubts and any limiting thoughts we might have that hold us back from growth and moving towards our dreams.  Self-coaching as a way to inquire our perception of things and is a powerful tool to reframe old and non-useful paradigms. Self-coaching gives us the power to take our life into our own hands and steer them towards the destination we truly desire.


Visualization is a powerful tool for the human mind and can effectively reprogram our subconscious. It can activate the same neural circuits as actual experiences, modulate neural plasticity, and improve performance, learning, and well-being. By accessing and modifying unconscious processes, visualization can help us overcome self-limiting beliefs and achieve our goals. Learning new things enhances brain plasticity and because of the brain’s ability to adapt to change we are able to learn. That’s why visualization is relevant to any goal or dream we wish to fulfill. Studies have shown that athletes improve motivation, confidence and efficiency through visualization, which increases performance, brings the brain to a perception of success and thus increases success. When we recall happy memories or imagine our most beloved experiences, the hormone oxytocin is released in the body, which has a healing effect and is an incentive for taking positive actions.

Visualization is a powerful technique that can also balance and release tension, stress, and anxiety, with the visualization literally changing the way the neurons in the brain are organized and creates more neuronal connections. For visualization to be a powerful tool, we should practice it daily and imagine the experience with all our senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. 

A helpful way to visualize is to use the Storia-Map creation cards that are a unique set of cards developed by Yamina in collaboration with the Italian artist Massimo Pedrazzi. Each card contains a title that expresses a central value, an image that reflects the value, and an affirmation sentence. In the Storia-Map workshops we learn to open different layouts of the cards. Opening the cards in a state of concentration and peace allows us to connect to the infinite inner power and allows us to perform visualization while directing the emotion and thought towards what we aspire to. The state of listening inside allows us to understand the selected cards through the values, images and affirmations what are the possible actions for us and to act.