Inspiration for Storia Map

From the birth of Arieldavid to the birth of Storia-Map

תמונה של יאמינה ואריאלדויד עושים יוגה בעמידה

From the birth of Arieldavid to the birth of Storia-Map

Hello, I’m Yamina, a mother of two. When my eldest son, Arieldavid, was born in 2005 with a rare disease and was ventilated at birth, I promised him that he would get well and have an amazing life. Many people participated in my son’s recovery journey, which was blessed, and I am grateful to all of them. I am especially full of gratitude to my mother who always stands by me and to the valuable Bhrigu Yoga teachings of my Bhrigu Yoga teacher: Dr. Jayant Kumar Bhadury and his bother Acharya Hemant Kumar Bhadury.

From the first moment, the love for my son and his image in my mind’s eye as a young, healthy, and happy person inspired me to look for solutions. The daily visualization gave me meaning and strength to go through years of intensive care hospitalizations with daily actions towards the vision of healing.

At the age of 3, while Arieldavid was connected to the ventilator 24/7, I started teaching him yoga, which he practices every morning to this day.

At the age of 10, Arieldavid started breathing on his own during the day and was connected to a ventilator at night. At this age my son chose to learn professional wall climbing and at the age of 13 to ride horses, activities which he continues to this day.

Arieldavid is a member of a youth movement and is loved by his friends, guides and teachers. At the age of 11, I turned to the Italian painter Massimo Pedrazzi and asked him to paint Arieldavid at the age of 21, healthy, happy and breathing on his own. I did this to make him an active participant in the recovery process and in preparation for the diaphragmatic pacemaker implantation surgery, the aim of which was to release him from the ventilator.

For more than 6 years I showed Arieldavid the painting and shared with him a vision in which we travel the world and share with people his story and the many healing tools we acquired.

At the age of 17, Arieldavid underwent surgery, which was a major milestone in his recovery. The diaphragm pacemaker gives Arieldavid freedom of movement and mobility, as the vision of a healthy and fulfilled Arieldavid continues to direct us.

The Birth of Storia-Map Studio

Storia-Map Studio was born thanks to my journey as a young mother searching to heal her eldest son, Arieldavid. In this journey I realized that my life’s mission is to provide tools for growth, empowerment and self-direction for health, happiness, and fulfillment to as many people as possible, as I have been doing for nearly two decades.

The Studio was founded thanks to the personal experience of my family, when I did not accept the existing solutions for my son’s chronic health problem and embarked on a long process of a determined search which led me to the conclusion that we can make the impossible – possible. I feel an obligation and a privilege to tell our story and to ensure that anyone can have at their disposal the tools that will allow the promotion of health, fulfillment and happiness.

In the Studio, we don’t only learn what can be read in books. We learn to observe attentively and connect to the powerful force within us that can raise any question, answer any question, and explain to us the actions and the route that will lead to the fulfillment of any goal or dream while enjoying the process.

תמונה של יאמינה ואיראלדויד מסתכלים על ציור כריכה של הספר
תמונה של יאמינה ואיראלדויד עושים יוגה בישיבה

Biographical Book for Inspiration and Self-Help

כריכה של ספר "Life is how you tell your story: a mother’s quest to heal her son

Our journey is described in detail in the biographical book I wrote for inspiration and self-help: “Life is how you tell your story: a mother’s quest to heal her son”.