Life Is How You Tell Your Story, a short documentary
Produced by Creator of Storia-Map Method: Yamina Salomon
Video Editor & Documentary Photographer: Dorita S.Behar

Life Is How You Tell Your Story is a short documentary film on the power of the creative visualization method named Storia-Map Method, which guides you from darkness to a safe harbor. This true story covers the magical life of Arieldavid, a remarkable young man, born with a rare life-threatening disease that caused him to be ventilated from birth. Life Is How You Tell Your Story is the title of the film that is based on how Arieldavid’s mother, Yamina, guided her son’s healing journey. Yamina, who was determined to help her son heal and live a full and happy life, developed the Storia-Map method for him, using guided visualizations of Arieldavid healthy and happy. The documentary covers seventeen years, since Arieldavid’s birth till today during which, against all odds, he is living life to the fullest, riding horses, wall-climbing, loving his life and co-teaching with Yamina the tools that helped him to heal using Storia-Map visualization method, Bhrigu-Yoga, mantras, Guarire Healing Energy and more. The film takes place in Haifa-Israel, Assisi-Italy, and Varanasi-India, and is a living testimony of the power of unconditional love, determination, creativity, and the infinite power that lies within each one of us.
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Rare Disease Day

Documentary Short Film Premier A Mother & Son Journey of Healing created by Yamina Salomon & Dorita Behar

28 | 2022
1:00 pm EST time

On the International Rare Disease Day, February 28th, 2022, we are thankful and excited to share our event and premiering our short documentary film: “Mother & Son healing Story: Life Is How You Tell Your Story”, directed by the film maker Dorita Behar and produced by Yamina Salomon. Our mission is to bring more awareness to the challenges that one faces when born with a rare life-threatening condition, and how the tolls of Storia-Map Visualization Meditations, Self-awareness, Integrated Yoga, Bhrigu Yoga, Ayurveda, Guarire and Fine-Art may bring light and come to the aid of oneself to live a full life and to support the process of healing.

When Yamina Salomon’s son, Arieldavid, was diagnosed pre-birth with a life-threatening condition later identified as the exceedingly rare Haddad Syndrome, her doctor’s first response was to terminate the pregnancy. Her response? “I want my son to live … He’s God’s present, and I’m not giving him back.” She promised her son that he would live a full life, and she kept her word. Now 16, Arieldavid is a happy, funny, yoga teacher. Her book, LIFE IS HOW YOU TELL YOUR STORY, shares her and Arieldavid’s story, including the creation of her own alternative, holistic approach to healing called the “Storia Map.” In this interview, Yamina shares a message of hope with readers, especially other parents of chronically ill children.

Life Is How You Tell Your Story – is not just a slogan, it’s a way of life

“In our darkest moments is when we truly meet our true essence which is pure light, God’s spark. We can then reach our true values of life derived from unconditional Love. This is what I experienced while spending many months in the intensive care unit by my son’s bedside from the moment he was born as he was ventilated from birth. As I had no idea how I could help my son to heal, I turned to the only thing I did know for sure, my faith in God that he would show me the way and creativity to find solutions. ‘Storia’ is a creative path that gives structure to actions that lead to the story I truly want to live.”

-Yamina, creator and founder of Storia

Storia is a daily holistic, creative, and self-motivating coaching method that teaches how to live fueled by core values to reach one’s full life potential. Storia is designed for adults with chronic conditions as well as their families who wish to have a full life parallel to managing chronic challenges.

>>> Storia coaches you on how to find and live an authentic Life by defining one’s core values and what truly matters.

>>> Storia builds a creative Map which forms a path to reach your desired destination.

>>> Storia uses guided visualization meditations; Yoga body and mind practices; and stories from literature, movies, and life from which inspirational models are derived to implement in daily life.

>>> Storia works with in concert with the body, mind, and emotions to build health, resilience, and happiness.

Arieldavid and Yamina practicing yoga together: Tree Pose/Vriksasana, 2020
Arieldavid and Yamina in nature walk, 2021
Arieldavid and Yamina, 2018

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