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Creation Cards

Storia-Map creation cards are unique cards developed by Yamina in collaboration with the Italian artist Massimo Pedrazzi. Each card contains a title that expresses a central value, an image that reflects the value, and an affirmation sentence. In the Storia-Map workshops we learn to open different layouts of the cards. Opening the cards in a state of concentration and peace allows us to connect to the infinite inner power and allows us to perform visualization while directing the emotion and thought towards what we aspire to. The state of listening inside allows us to understand the selected cards through the values, images and affirmations what are the possible actions for us and to act.

כריכה של ספר

Self-Help Book

Our journey is described in detail in the biographical book I wrote for inspiration and self-help: “Life is how you tell your story: a mother’s quest to heal her son”.

Yoga as a Therapy

A 1:1 setting at the Storia-Map Studio


Intro Meeting

In a small group with personal attention

Intro Workshop

In a small group with personal attention

In-Depth Workshop

In a small group with personal attention

Yoga Therapy Course

* Prerequisite: participation in the Storia-Map Introductory and In-Depth Workshops

The Instructors’ Course in Yoga Therapy & Storia-Map includes bi-weekly sessions to practice and learn knowledge from the realms of yoga, yoga therapy, neuroscience, coaching and visualization. During the course we will create our personal Storia-Map and train ourselves in healing processes, growth and fulfillment.

Our goal would be to benefit children, teenagers, adults and the elderly from a variety of life situations and health conditions.

Subjects taught in the course:

תמונה של יאמינה

Releasing Trauma

* This meeting is intended for people who wish to overcome traumatic events and their effects on body, mind and spirit.