About Me

About Yamina Salomon, Founder of Storia-Map Method and Studio

תמונה של יאמינה

Come relax with us

Nice to meet you, I’m Yamina, certified yoga therapist, senior yoga teacher and life coach. Since 2008, I have been treating people with my personalized yoga-therapy method and leading workshops for professionals in the fields of therapy, training, education and anyone who loves life and is curious about it.

I called the treatment method I developed “Storia-Map”, because yoga practice can be used as a map for us to navigate life. The uniqueness of my method is the integration of yogic ideas and practices into everyday life with the purpose of creating the life we aspire to and navigate towards our goals and the fulfillment of our dreams.

Life has shown me, with the challenges it has brought to me, how everything can change when I learn to navigate the sea of ​​life, which can be smooth or stormy, towards my goals and dreams. You can read about my life journey and the inspiration for the method here.

I would love to meet and hear from you what is important to you to achieve in your life because life is a real gift. I believe that every person has the innate right to a healthy and happy life while fulfilling goals and dreams and that we need to learn how to do this while cleansing our fears, insecurity, traumas, pain and loss.

If you feel that you have the desire to learn how to create the life you aspire to, I invite you to contact me.

from the heart,