About Storia-Map Method

Storia-Map Method: It’s in our nature
Using Storia-Map method taps-into-our-child-like-curiosity about ourselves and the world around us and helps us to embark on a journey of discovery how to navigate our life and achieve our goals and dreams.
Enjoy Storia-Map Navigating
With Storia-map we learn to enjoy a journey of self-discovery and to create the reality we want by navigating between our inner world and the outer world using yoga-therapy, visualization & self-coaching in a holistic, creative and fun way.
Three Easy Storia-Map Steps
In three steps: 1. Purification 2. Strengthening 3. Creation, Storia-Map enables in an easy way to be aware of where I am today, where I want to go tomorrow, and what do I need to do to get there.
Integrated Body-Mind-Spirit tools
The integrated use of yoga-therapy, visualization and self-coaching brings body-mind-spirit equilibrium releasing pain and trauma and teaching us to manage stress and build energy for creating the life that we want using practical steps.
Storia-Map Creation Cards
Storia-Map creation cards were developed by Yamina and the Italian artist Massimo Pedrazzi to help us in a peaceful state-of-mind visualize our goal, direct our thoughts and emotions, and choose the practical steps to realize it.