First and foremost, I thank Arieldavid, my wonderful son, for choosing me to be his mother, teaching me the power of unconditional love and for showing me the path to “Cherishing Life”, And I thank God for his grace, without which I could not achieve anything. Living and managing a rare chronic condition such as Arieldavid’s brings many challenges to our daily lives which made completing the book and building the website an uneasy task and took over two years of continues work during late nights and most weekends and was made possible thanks to the assistance of many good people, I would like to thank and name some of them here as well as those who made our lives better and it is thanks to them that we may share our story. Much thanks goes to my mother Atalia Salomon and her life partner Jeff Belman that helped me and Arieldavid in so many ways to bring happiness and stability into our lives. A big thanks to my longtime friend Audrey Serper for editing the book with much thoughtfulness and dedication and for giving me lots of positive feedback and encouragement to write it in the first place, thank you for believing in me and thank you for the contribution to my story and work. A very special thank you to my Guru, the Yogi Master of Bhrigu Yoga, Dr. Jayant K. Bhadury and his wife Vatsala Bhadury, his brother, Acharya Hemant K. Bhadury and his wife Mithlesh Kishori Bhadury for their ongoing blessings, and projection of good energy and for the valuable teachings that helped heal my son and allowed us both to live better lives. Special thanks to the late Adam Fish, to Moshe Fibich, and to Rachel Ben Ari for your bravery in standing up for what is just and for the six-year-long, pro-bono, court battle you won so that Arieldavid could live at home like any other child. I will remember and be thankful to you, always. Special thanks to Mr. Paoletti and his School of Self Awareness where I received many valuable tools that helped my son and I in the first six years of his life and gave me a solid base for self-improvement. Many thanks to Zipi Negev for believing in me and seeing me as a Yoga teacher despite my flaws, for teaching me how to be more present and aware of my body, and for all the valuable lessons I learned in her Integrated Yoga School. Special thanks to Brandon Bays and her Journey method, for teaching me how to heal my heart, how to forgive and let go and how to find freedom within myself. A very special thank you to Dorita Behar, for being a loyal friend and for all the videos you created of Arieldavid for over thirteen years to help bring our story into the world. A big thank you to Massimo Pedrazzi for painting Arieldavid’s portrait in the future as a part of Arieldavid’s Storia Map that was also used for the cover of the book. Thank you to Giulia, Massimo’s daughter for translating our conversations in all the sessions we had about the painting. Thanks to Karina Glikin Yaari that took some of the beautiful photos presented here and in the book. A very big thanks goes to Rob Price, Jessica Bushore and all the wonderful team of professionals at Gatekeeper Press that published the book and distributed it worldwide in the best possible way. Many thanks to Daryl Bolicek and Wild Horse Recording for the remarkable work on the Audiobook we produced together and to Geri Murray for her wonderful narration. Thanks to Jim Alkon and the BookTrib team for their book review and for the Facebook Live interview, thanks very much to Maof and Hadar Kluger that provided me with valuable and authentic marketing directions. Much thanks to Jessica Bushore for conducting helpful editing of the website’s text Big. Thank you to Revital Avihai Falko for the Ux/Ui designs of the website and to Eran Chen for creating this beautiful website.

I thank you all for helping me bring Arieldavid’s healing story and the Storia Map Method to the world.

From left: Vatsala Bhadury Dr. Jayant K. Bhadury, Acharya Hemant K. Bhadury Mithlesh Kishori Bhadury and Yamina, Bhrigu Yoga Workshop, Varanasi, 2019
Grandmother Atalia & Arieldavid, 2018
Grandfather Jeff & Arieldavid, 2018
Arieldavid and Yamina practicing Bhrigu yoga Lotus/Ambuj Mudra Exercise, 2020
Arieldavid and Yamina teaching a yoga class together to AD’s classmates, Genigar School, 2019