The Storia Method

“In our darkest moments is when we truly meet our true essence which is pure light, God’s spark. We can then reach our true values of life derived from unconditional Love. This is what I experienced while spending many months in the intensive care unit by my son’s bedside from the moment he was born as he was ventilated from birth. As I had no idea to how I could help my son to heal, I turned to the only thing I did know for sure, my faith in God that he would show me the way and to creativity to find ways for solutions. Storia is a creative path that gives structure to actions that lead to the story I truly want to live.” 

-Yamina, creator and founder of Storia

>>> Yoga as an empowering modality.
>>> You can regain or remain in charge of your life with The Storia Method.
>>> You Learn to align your internal vision with your external experience.
Storia workshop including the Storia card game, 2015

The Storia Method arose as an integration between two methodologies. First, my personal experience gained over sixteen years of assisting my son on his healing path. The second component was the teachings I studied and was awarded certificates in: Yoga, Yoga as Therapy, Ayurvedic Body Work, and the Journey. Storia is a three-step method that encourages the participant to stand in their own power to take charge over one’s own life. 

The Storia Map’s three-step method includes:


The Storia Method approaches the Body, Mind, and Emotions to improve the everyday life of the individual. It teaches you how to create the life-story one visualizes internally within themself by connecting to the God Spark, the birthright of every man, woman, and child

The Three Steps to Create Your True Story

From “Mission Impossible” to Creating the Life I Envisioned for My Son

>>> Visualizing your inner wishes can help you uncover your true “Story.”
>>> Embrace the future life you were always meant to live.
>>> Practices from the Eastern Traditions of Yoga and Storia-Map meditations can help you manifest your inner “Story.”

The First Step:


How we tell ourselves the “Story” of our life requires reflection on both the present and the future. 

In this step, you will learn how to navigate your personal story in a new way. The first thing we learn in the Storia Map method is to “Purify” our thoughts, memories, sensations, emotions, and our physical form to create a better inner narrative of our past. We don’t alter facts, but we do learn how to observe and interpret events so they support our growth. Also, as we learn to let go of the negative effects of past traumatic events, we focus on nourishing forgiveness, compassion, and self-love. This opens us to huge amounts of energy we can channel to create our personal internal Storia Map.

The Second Step:


Here, we learn to strengthen our Body, Mind, and Emotions to support us moving forward on our path. 

You will learn various practices from the world of Yoga, including awareness of one’s thought patterns and fears. You can strengthen and befriend your fears through affirmations and visualizations that help stabilize your emotions. Together, these methods will yield a strong and stable state which with time and practice, build your emotional resilience. You can endure your challenges and move from victimhood to being the captain of your own destiny. This part of charting your Storia Map facilitates your ability to self-empower.

The Third Step:


We all create, whether we are aware of it or not. We create every moment. 

In the Yoga tradition, it is called Karma. However, Karma does not mean that your destiny is pre-written before it is manifested. Rather, Karma means that whatever actions you perform in the present moment will impact all the future moments which follow. Therefore, you have many choices about how to act in the present to reveal numerous future possibilities. Your choices are your own, therefore you will alter the future depending on the choices you make in the present. Once you understand this concept, it is a far more engaging process to create your desired future. So, strive to create the Story that makes you happy, because that embodies the Story you wish to live going forward. It’s not about creating by force, but rather creating through surrendering to the path that leads to that which you truly want to have in your life. Learn to let that guide you. No matter what the outcome is, learn to stay strong and continue forward. There is no better option for you then to follow the path towards your inner story. At some point, things will begin to change in front of your eyes like a manifested miracle. In this part, you will receive exercises designed to open your mind to new ways of seeing yourself. You will also learn to create your Storia Map Sigil in a creative and fun way.

The Seven Empowering Sessions

>>> I purify my mind, I energize my heart, and I strengthen my body. I create my story.

Whether you are an adult with a chronic condition, a parent or family member to an adult with a chronic condition, or a caregiver, Storia can help you live a full and happy life.

>>> I Create your own Storia Map with three tools: Image - Method - Story.
The Storia Map Seven-Sessions Package was created so people could easily create a personalized Storia Map of their life. In the Seven Sessions, you will learn how to reveal your core Life Value and generate a coherent story to visualize your future life. Through guided visualization meditations, various self-reflective exercises, Yoga postures, mudras, mantras, and philosophy, you will learn the steps to create the Story of your life. Exploring stories from people, literature, and movies provide models for your own story. Write the script for your story using affirmations and becoming aware of your six senses as they help identify what is good for you and what is not helpful or even distracting to the life-energy force within us. You will learn to observe “What sensation does the story cause?” and “What do you see/ hear/ smell/ taste?” and “What higher intuition is revealed?”
>>> I Transforming fears and doubt into empowerment
The Seven Sessions include two sessions for each of the three pillars of the Storia method: Purifying, Strengthening, and Creating, followed by a summation session to learn what is next. Each session was specifically designed to support your growth, help you overcome fears and doubt, and achieve empowerment. You are taught to visualize the Image, practice the Method, and create the Story you wish deep in your heart to manifest. The Storia Map includes six areas, and together they help create a nurturing and holistic life. The six areas are: Body, Mind, Emotions, Behavior, Giving, and Receiving. Once each section is thoroughly explored, a new possibility arises to become the person your inner story is guiding you towards.
>>> I Build resilience with the three pillars of Storia method: Purifying, Strengthening, and Creating
The Storia Map method builds resilience through a three-step process: Purifying – Strengthening – Creation. This is achieved with three tools: Image – Story – Method. In the Seven Sessions you will learn how to visualize what you truly want, and learn which method can best support its manifestation: Yoga, Meditation, and more. Finally, how to use these methods to tap into your inner story.
>>> I purify my mind, I energize my heart and I strengthen my body. I create my story.
As a holistic approach, the Storia Map sees you and the people around you as one complete energetic organism. Therefore, the process teaches you how to fulfill your personal story while also helping others improve their life stories.
>>> The strongest universal power is LOVE and it lies within you.
With this method, the focus is to tune into LOVE energy, the purist energy all humans possess as part of their birthright. The LOVE energy is responsible for the creation of harmony, peace, and compassion. In the Storia Map sessions, through the nature-based visualization meditations you will learn how to tune into this LOVE energy that is always available to you through the power of the universe. Storia’s Seven-Sessions Package Includes: Seven Zoom one-on-one hour-long sessions with Yamina, Audio and PDF mediations, and exercises.
>>> After completing the Seven-Session Package and creating your Storia Map, you will be able to join a weekly Storia Map group to build ongoing support and strength in the path you chose for your Storia Map.
Storia workshop 2015

Storia’s Seven-Sessions Package Includes:

Seven Zoom one-on-one hour-long sessions with Yamina, Audio and PDF mediations, and exercises.

You can contact Yamina to book Storia's Seven Sessions Package at