I invite you to join me in creating your Storia Map and finding your true Life Value by reading my book, Life Is How You Tell Your Story: a Mother’s Quest to Heal Her Son. Read through and reflect upon the exercises and meditations, and most importantly, listen to your God Spark and follow your heart’s deep calling. You can reach your highest potential and reveal your story no matter what you or your loved one are facing. I believe you can do it!

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>>> I trust you will find that your core Life Value is the most valuable element in the creation of your story, what you wish to be fulfilled, and the initial step toward discovering the first image of your Storia Map.

“To be a mother, to feel maternally, means to turn especially to the helpless, to incline lovingly and helpfully toward everything on earth that is small and weak. Therefore the principle of motherhood is a dual one. It hinges not only on the birth of the child, but also on fostering and protecting that which has been born.” Gertrud von le Fort, The Eternal Woman: the Timeless Meaning of the Feminine

Yamina & Arieldavid teaching Yoga together to Arieldavid’s classmates, 2019
Arieldavid practicing yoga: Lotus/Padmasana Posture, 2020

We all have a core Life Value within us, in our DNA. Often, it stays dormant until an event shakes up our whole perspective on life, and then we realize what truly matters to us. My moment was at age thirty-two, when my son was just about to be born. I realized that “Cherish Life” is my core Life Value, more important that anything I did or had achieved before his birth. Helping my son’s beautiful, pure soul was my calling: to succeed to live, succeed to overcome difficulties, and manifest his spirit’s celestial shine into reality. There was nothing more valuable to me. “The Tree Mediation” is the spontaneous meditation I experienced that strengthened me to follow my inner story and help my son live well and fulfill his potential. I invite you to try “The Tree Meditation” so you too can experience firsthand the core value of your life. By subscribing here you will receive this meditative practice both in Audio and PDF formats.

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